How To Make Eskimo Cookies

image (1)I am going to tell you how to make Eskimo cookies. This is a really easy recipe to make. The first thing you need to do is to wash your hands so when you make the cookies there won’t be any germs on them.

When you are done with washing your hands then you need 1 1/2 sticks of butter, 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of oats, unsweetened cocoa, and powdered sugar. Don’t add the powdered sugar to the mixture because you add it at the end. You need a medium-size bowl to mix up the ingredients, and then you need to put the mixture into the refrigerator for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, you take the cookies out of the refrigerator and make them into small balls. When that is done, you roll them around in the powdered sugar and then put them back in the refrigerator for the rest of the night.

I had to make this recipe for my reading class group assignment. My teacher said the cookies tasted really good. I liked the cookies a lot myself. I mainly tasted the powdered sugar and the oats.


Rehoboth Beach Carnival

rehobeth beachOn Sunday evening my dad took my brothers, and sisters and I to Rehoboth beach. When we were driving there we stopped at Wawa and got slushies. In the car, we listened to a lot of music. When we got to the Carnival we walked the boardwalk to get to Funland. My sisters and I went on a ride called the Paratrooper.  It was so fun!  We both ended up having so much anxiety when the Paratrooper dropped.  We saw the ocean and we were so scared!

The next ride my sisters went on was THE SUPERFLIP 360!  My sisters thought it was fun but I didn’t bother to go on it because I was too scared.  I asked my dad if I could go on a different ride he agreed.  The next ride for me was the bumper cars.  We had to wait on the line for a long time before we finally got on. When it was time to go, I got buckled in my seat but when the cars started I had a hard time getting the hang of how to drive.  Sooner or later I figured it out.

When we were close to leaving my dad said that we could go on one more ride and we chose the GRAVATRON!  It was fun and scary at the same time.  The ride was spinning so fast that I couldn’t lift up my head.  It felt like my neck would break if I tried.

After that ride, we drove home and had a little snack and we went to bed.

The Girl and The Tooth Fairy

8c6o57MoiOne day a little girl stood in the bathroom with her mom and her younger sister.  Her mother was helping her to take out her tooth because it was so loose.

“I can help with the tooth.”, said the older sister as she stepped into the bathroom.

The mother and two sisters helped the middle sister to get the tooth out. 

“Yayyy!”, they all shouted as the tooth fell to the floor.

When it was bedtime the girl put the tooth under her pillow and closed her eyes, but while she was trying to fall asleep she saw something come into her room.  She looked hard and saw it was the tooth fairy!  She was so excited that the tooth fairy was here to get her tooth, but she was still very sleepy.

When the girl went back to sleep the tooth fairy took the tooth and went away, but the tooth fairy left something behind.  When the girl woke up the next morning, she looked under her pillow and saw a dollar! She was very happy and ready to start the day!

The Lollipop

Lollipop-clipart-free-clipart-imagesOne day a family went to buy groceries and soon got everything they needed.  As soon as they got to the checkout line the littlest brother began looking at this little boy who had a lollipop.   The little boy was so happy because he hummed a song as he sucked on the candy.

The drool began sliding from the littlest brother’s mouth all over his shirt, as he stared at the boy.  Soon he began to beg his mom for one, but the mother began to slowly shake her head.

“No, you are not having any candy today!” , she said, as she began scanning the groceries and putting them back into the cart.

The littlest brother began to pout and then cry as he looked back over at the lollipop stand.

“Shush your mouth!”, the mother said.

After she finished paying for the groceries, she looked back over at her sad child and changed her mind.

“Everyone can pick one lollipop, and that’s it for the rest of the day!”

The littlest brother and all of his siblings ran over to the candy stand and picked a lollipop.  The family went home and everyone enjoyed their lollipops!


Sali with Flowers

This is a picture of me when I was six years old.  I can’t believe how long ago this feels.  It feels like forever!

Sali & Sami

Hi, this is Sali.  I love flowers. This picture is from last summer 2014.  I went on a walk with my mommy and brothers and sisters.  I picked flowers. When I got home, I made cheese, and I used my flowers to make it!

Mommy was recording me making cheese.  It was good!

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The Ghost Family


We moved into a new house and we unpacked and then went to bed.  We suddenly heard strange sounds downstairs, but when we went downstairs there was nobody there.  When we went back upstairs there was one little ghost baby.

Everyone was nervous so we went back down the stairs and we told mom that there was a ghost person in our room.  Mom came into our room for a little while but then decided to go back to her room.  We then saw two ghost people in dad’s room.  We were scared and told our mother what we saw when she came back upstairs to check on us to make sure we were sleeping.  Then all of a sudden there was a whole group of ghosts in our room.  

The biggest ghost told us to get out.  My mother told the big ghost that she was sorry, and didn’t realize that they lived in the house.  After that, we packed our things and we drove away.

We drove to Delaware because we had been in New York.  While we were driving we saw something that was black, and we accidentally crashed into it.  We all had to go to the hospital.  After we left the hospital my mother called the police to tell them what had happened.  Then we continued driving on the road.

Written in January of 2017.

Picking Blueberry Bushes

blueberryOne day my whole family went to go pick blueberry bushes. It was so much fun!  After that, we went into the forest even though there were so many thorns we were still having so much fun.

When we came back from picking blueberry bushes, my mom asked everyone if they would like a blueberry smoothie, and everyone said, “Yes!”

So after we drank our smoothies every one was super hype, and all of us were dancing and partying too!  We were having so much fun!  After that, we all settled down and we all went to bed because we were so tired and we’d had the best day ever.

The Homeless Boy

homeless-844215_960_720A little boy lived on the streets.  He had no clothes and he was naked.  He had no family to live with and to play with.

One day the boy saw a family with brown skin and he picked that family to live with.  He rang their doorbell one day, and in a small voice said, “I’m homeless.”  The parents said, “Would you like to live with us?”, and the little boy said yes.

So he finally had a family to live with, and he loved that family.  The parents grabbed a towel to put around his waist, and he went into their house and they got a room for him to sleep in.  When he got in his bed he felt so happy that he had a family to live with.  From that day on he lived a happy life.

Written February of 2017